My eating partner lives in the San Fernando Valley, so when we were out one day around 11am, too early for any lunch place to be open, we opted for More Than Waffles in the Encino Commons. She found the place with a fellow foodie friend (who is a caterer) downstairs and in the back of this mini shopping center. It was packed, even at 11am, always a good sign for any place that is this hidden away.

Because they are famous for their waffles, we had to get at least one dish with waffles (they come with all the omelettes). They are fabulously light, crunchy, tender, and tasty even without the fruit, preserves, or maple syrup.

The waffle was included to an order of the “Popeye” omelette $10.75 made with fresh organic spinach, mushrooms, and mozzarella. The portions here are huge, each plate is about 12″ in diameter. The surprisingly tasty and wholesome ingredients make this place a bargain for breakfast eaters (they also serve burgers and salads for those who come later in the day).

I chose the Ika’s crepe made with organic spinach, turkey sausage, organic basil, garlic, mozzarella, feta, scrambled with eggs, topped with melted mozzarella, and served with home fries or fruit for $10.95. There was plenty of garlic (yeah!), the turkey sausage was nicely spiced, and although the crepes were not great (overcooked and dry), the filling was wonderful enough to make up for the wrapping.

The other person eating with us ordered the ham and cheese crepe, filled with scrambled with eggs & topped with melted cheddar cheese & served with home fries for $10.45. I didn’t taste what looked to be a very hearty heavy dish, but he seemed to love it since he finished it.

This place may be a bit hidden, but most gems are, and the value for the money and flavor is well worth the search.