The New Acropolis Museum is directly across from the Acropolis and literally faces the metro station “Acropolis”, so it is very easy to find and visit when in Athens. The building is very modern with a surprising twist.

As you enter the building, you walk OVER some excavations that are works in progress and AROUND others that are more near completion. It is a truly a remarkable juxtaposition of ancient and modern in one place.

There were people working on the excavation as visitors watched.

The other side of the museum is a lovely green park.

A few blocks away is the large National Gardens, which also has excavations in progress.

Adjacent to the National Gardens is a smaller park which surrounds the Temple of Olympian Zeus (which is one of the views from my hotel).

And Hadrian’s Arch (another of the views from my Hotel).

But the National Gardens are known more for the marvelous respite of greenery in the middle of a concrete city.