Oia (pronounced Eea) is probably the most famous village in Santorini for its views of the Caldera.

Everywhere you walk or look, there is another stunning vista, whether it’s from behind a church, or from the main road.

Since Santorini has 350 churches scattered throughout the island, there are always several churches in a village.

The views of the Caldera are breath taking from every angle.

The way that sunlight illuminates the buildings here gives them a magical quality.

The ingenuity and skill it took to build here is a testament to willpower.

Some hotels give you both a view and a pool (since the nearest beach is a hike away on the other side of the island).

There was an earthquake in 1956 that destroyed most of this village. The population went from 1900 to 500 after the quake. Some homes have never been repaired.

Some homes are “For Sale” (written on the wall in red), talk about a fixer upper with a view!

(This is the view from that home that is for sale)

The nearest beach to Oia is Ammoudi and you must hike down to it (and hike back up at the end of your day).

Oia is an artist colony, with artisans displaying and selling their work in the village.

The things sold here are unique and you can actually say you bought something made by hand in Greece if you shop here.

I returned to Oia several times during my stay, but learned to avoid week-ends and cruise ship arrival times when the streets are literally clogged with people. If you go in the afternoon during the week, you will get to stroll the streets and drink in the sights without drowning in a sea of humanity, and you will say “Ahhhh Oia”.