Kamari is the world class black beach where I stayed during my trip to Santorini.

The black rocks are a result of the volcanic activity (there is still an active volcano which you can visit) and because of the rocks, the water is clear, the area is dustfree, and you should bring water shoes if you want to walk on the beach or wade into the water.

Kamari is a well organized beach with water sports available for a fee, including windsurfing, jet skiing, and scuba.

The city also hires people who make sure the lounge chairs and sunbrellas are in good shape every day.

You can rent two lounge chairs and a sunbrella for the entire day for only 6 Euros ($8) or one chair and sunbrella for 4 Euros ($5).

You simply retain your receipt from the guy who comes by to collect the rental fee and leave your towel on the chair; you can leave your chair to eat lunch, go to your hotel, shop, and your place will be reserved from sunrise until sunset.

Life really is a beach when you are at Kamari.