It’s a rare treat for me to be joined by friends for dinner out of town, but when going to Las Vegas, friends are more likely to want to join me and I was very happy to meet up with two friends for dinner at Table 10 in the Palazzo.

Since everyone was hungry, we ordered the Crab Trinity, with Herb Marinated & Chilled Snow Crab Legs, Crab Remoulade Salad and Citrus Jumbo Lump with Cocktail Sauce for $16. We enjoyed all three of the trinity so much none of us used the sauce or citrus accompaniments.

We all chose different entrees; the first one was the Creole Crawfish “Boil” Pasta, made with Louisiana Crawfish Tails, Baja Shrimp, House Made Andouille Sausage & Corn with Linguini, Crystal Creole Cream, Fried Celery Leaves and Parmesan Cheese ($28). At first I hesitated when asked if I wanted to taste this, but when I was offered a Crawfish tail taste with the pasta, I couldn’t resist. I am so glad I tasted this wonderfully spicy medley of creamy heat and fresh seafood. The Andouille sausage was very spicy and added a nice heat point to balance the creaminess of the tender pasta. I would order this dish next time I come here in a heartbeat.

I chose one of the daily specials, the Grouper over a bed of spinach with a shallot confit and fried red onion rings in a light cream sauce ($28). Again as with my previous experience at an Emeril chain restaurant, the fish was done perfectly tender and not over cooked. the flavors were mild on this dish especially compared to the Creole pasta (as they should be), so this is a perfect selection if you are not fond of spicy food and love fresh fish.

My other friend chose the Emeril’s Lobster Dome, made with Maine Lobster, Mushrooms, Haricot Vert, Roasted Tomatoes & Yukon Potatoes with Tarragon Fondue and Homemade Pastry ($43). She wanted it just for the name, but when our wonderful waiter explained what it was, she enthusiastically chose it. It arrived in a very hot All-Clad pot looking like this:

The top pastry was removed, this is what it looked like:

It was a rich complex tarragon sauce with morsels of sweet Maine lobster meat and vegetables which had my friend swooning through the next day about the flavors. The pastry top was a nice garlicy cheese bread topping that was perfect for dipping into the sauce.

All our portions were so big we could not imagine deating dessert unless we shared it, so we got one “Smores” Stack, made with Chocolate Cream layered in Graham Cracker Tuiles with Toasted Marshmallow Fluff for $8.

My dessert fiend friend loved the burnt marshmallow cream but thought it was “too chocolately” i.e., too thick and dense for her tastes, so I’m sure chocoholics would love this creation. I was too full to even taste a small thin chocolate wafer, so we all went for a walk through the Venetian after dinner to savor some visual delights after our culinary ones.
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