When people who make wonderful food expand their repertoire by opening up a new venture, it is always worthy of a trip to try it. Since I love Huckleberry for all their savory entrees and sweet treats (see my previous post), I knew that their latest venture into ice cream would have to be wonderful. It was. Everything in Sweet Rose Creamery, from waffle cones to the toppings of cookie crumbles, roasted granola with coconut, and brownie bites are made by the shop. It smells like a bakery when you walk inside, and the old fashioned counter with stools looking out to the street gives it a “Mayberry” feel.

The specials change daily, with non dairy options like a coconut lime or blood orange sorbet, and traditional flavors like Malted Chocolate with Toasted Hazelnut Praline, or the fresh mint with chocolate chip that I ordered, but you can try the Earl Grey or Ginger if you are adventurous. You can taste up to two before making a selection, and I love how they use metal spoons that they rewash instead of plastic that fills landfills for the tasting spoons!

I was truly shocked when I tasted the fresh mint in my ice cream; I know the name of the flavor is fresh mint, but the burst of pureness caught me off guard. It was not too sweet or minty, more a perfectly creamy blend of both and it was a great afternoon treat on the outdoor patio.

It’s good that I chose a small cup after my big lunch, but next time I will come back with a friend and split a banana split or have an ice cream sandwich; we’ll just have to burn it off running along San Vicente afterwards.

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