It is a rare morning when I am awake in time to try breakfast anywhere since I rarely get up before 11am (yes, you may envy me). But on the rare occasion when I actually see morning in the PST time zone, I enjoy going out for breakfast. I had to wait for a service that required an early morning appointment and I was in the vicinity of Bistro Laurent, so I passed the time by having breakfast at this very cute cafe. I loved walking into this intimate clean space with jazzy French music. It was nice to see a diverse clientele of business, locals, and tourists all frequently this new cafe. The counter displayed some very impressive pastries with croissants and pain au chocolat that were bigger than three would be in Paris, but this is the US where I guess French pastries are super sized just like everything else here. Service is very effiecient and friendly with a server who actually spoke French (always a plus when eating in a French bistro).

I ordered an orange juice that was at least 14 ounces, made of freshly squeezed juice that was good enough to finish.

For my breakfast, I chose the waffle with blueberries. It was a beautiful plate, with fresh cut melons and plump blueberries. I was only disappointed with how the waffle was a bit soggy because it was soaked with blueberry juice from the macerated blueberries. The waffle itself was nice and chewy with a crunch in the parts that had not been blueberried and I did not even use the syrup. The waffle was huge and I could only manage to eat half of it, but not for lack of trying, only for lack of stomach space; the waffle had about a 12″ diameter!

One day I will wake up before noon again, and when that day comes I may come back and try something else on the menu here, but more than likely I will share it with someone else because the portions here are enormous.