Since the Culver City Farmer’s market starts at 3pm on Tuesdays, I decided to the area earlier and have lunch at a place I have not tried before in downtown Culver City. I love Tender Greens, St. Amour, Honey’s Kettle, and Ugo, but I had not ventured across the street to try any of the places on the North side of the street, so I went over to Rush.

With a very nice patio overlooking the busy street and a mix of clients ranging from shirt and tie office workers to a family with young children, this place seems to appeal to everyone. The interior is spacious and lively with music, flat screens above the bar, and a cool bar vibe.

I chose the seared mediterranean albacore tuna salad, made with greens, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, red potatoes, asparagus, hummus crisp ($13). My waitress was very pleasant and the bus boy was very efficient, but the salad left quite a bit to be desired once I tasted it. An over dressed salad is a sad thing, but a dry salad is nearly as bad; I think you can see from the picture that the spring mix was nearly completely devoid of any moisture. It was fresh, as were the slices of tuna, and the olives and artichoke hearts (from a jar) helped add some flavor, but the tiny bits of grilled asparagus and the cubes of potato only added to the blandness of the dish. The hummus crisp sounded like an intriguing addition, but in actuality it was as if the salad had been placed on top of a dry hard old pizza crust that had been smeared with hummus. So inedible I took one bite and left the entire thing on the plate.

Sadly I will not be rushing back here when there are so many other wonderful places nearby.

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