For any of you old enough to remember the 1982 movie TRON, seeing the new Lightcycle will make you think you are in the video game, just like the character in the movie. The people who made the props for the movie have made five new street legal versions available on auction and you can literally ride one to the premier of the new movie Tron Legacy (due out at the end of this year) for $35,000 if you buy one by Friday (the auction ends July 2).

All motorcycle riders and drivers lack the safety of having an airbag should anything happen while riding. With the new Armored Air Jacket, you have a built in safety bag which will help protect your spine, neck, and chest should you get separated from your bike in an accident. Think of it as a automatic air bag that deploys like a static line parachute. It comes in a vest version for $250 or the full jacket for $595 and is also recommended for riding that old fashioned vehicle, the horse.