To round off Palm Springs Restaurant week, Zin was our final stop.

I chose to make my lunch a raw meal, starting with the Kumamoto oysters (mkt) and choosing as my main course the beef tenderloin tartar ($12). Both were done very well, with enough accompaniments to make it interesting and not so many as to overpower the clean fresh quality of the ingredients.

Cindy chose a spinach, tomato and cheddar cheese omelet with fingerling potatoes ($12) which she also described as fresh and one of the best she has ever tasted. She said given a choice between this one and the one at Little Next Door, Little Next Door would win, but not by much (see my previous post).

Fellow foodie Phil (say that three times fast) chose the Angus Beef Stew Braised in Belgian Beer Haricots Verts & Frites($12). He said the flavor was rich and the meat was tender, but not falling apart, a good rendition of a comforting classic.

He admitted that he ordered the stew mainly because he wanted the frites which were double fried (as they should be) and served with a trio of dips which ranged from plain mayo, pimento (our favorite of the three), and aioli (garlic mayo).

For dessert we were all tempted by the espresso gelato, so we got one order with three spoons.

Like all old friends, we will meet again, restaurant week or not, this is a great find for a casual meal with very good service.

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