Everyone who knows me also knows that I go to many G and PG rated movies because I can not watch violence and I love happy endings. Even though I do not have children, I end up seeing films made for families because they are made for my tastes, not that I only watch children’s films; I do also enjoy adult dramas and comedies.

With movie ticket prices hovering around $10 per person, taking a family out can cost a small fortune these days, especially if you also buy snacks and drinks for everyone. And with so many films coming out in 3D today, premium prices are hard to avoid these days. Regal Theaters is giving families a break starting today through August, they are offering 10:00 AM showings of G and PG rated films FREE on Tuesday and Wednesday! There are participating cinemas throughout the US, so check this link for the movies being offered and to find the one nearest to you. The films are not the newest releases, but if you missed “Where the Wild Things Are”, “Planet 51″, Monsters vs. Aliens”, or “Charlotte’s Web”, you can catch them this time.

With a free movie, you can even afford to buy popcorn, candy, and drinks at the movies.