Although many celebrities live here in Los Angeles, it is not often that they appear in local venues with locals. If you would like to try Dan Akroyd’s new Crystal Head Vodka (in a clear glass bottle shaped like a skull), go to the Wine House tomorrow between 5-7pm. Not only will you get a bottle signed by Dan Akroyd, but you can buy the bottle at $41.00 (you will save $3).

The Wine House is also the location for the celebration of libations Up On The Roof on June 13, 2010 from 5-10pm literally up on the roof of the store. If you don’t want to go bar hopping to the hot spots finding the bartenders who are making original concoctions around town, then come to this event. There will be food to soak up the spirits, music and dancers, so if you want to taste brands like Macallan, St. Germain, and Sazerac, pay your $75 and enjoy a warm summer night up on the roof.