The Hammer Museum is screening a free film on April 1 called “What’s on your plate?“. The film is a documentary that follows two 11 year olds as they visit New York’s food sources, talk to activists, farmers, store owners, and their families as they try to understand what’s on their plates and how it got there. The kids will find out how the food is grown, prepared, shipped, cooked, and what is done with the packaging and leftovers. The screening is at 7 pm and free. Seating will be on a first come first served basis with a question and answer period after the film with the director, star, and actor-activists Ed Begley Jr. and Esai Morales.

This is officially water week, which means that from March 21-27, UNICEF’s TAP program is asking diners to donate $1 per glass of water (yes, including tap water, hence the name) to provide safe drinking water to a child for 40 days. There are over 9,000 eateries which are participating in this endeavor, including local favorites like Swingers, Real Food Daily, and Hugo’s. The complete list is here, and this program is nationwide, so type in your zip code and donate or dine and donate, so that others can drink safely.

Having access to food and water every day is a luxury to many people, so share your resources and your knowledge whenever possible; one day you may need others to do the same for you.