As airlines are charging more and more for checked baggage, and as security screenings get stricter and stricter, it would be nice to have an alternative for getting what you want to have to your destination. There are of course the services that will ship your bags and I mentioned in a previous post, and you always have options like Fedex and UPS, but if you don’t want the expense of shipping all your bags but still want to avoid the hassles of figuring out what size and quantity of toiletries are permissible, Suite Arrival has a solution for you.

Three days or more before your departure, pick out your favorite shampoo, toothpaste, contact solution, razor, suntan lotion, baby lotion, and even tampons or condoms. Suite arrival will ship your choices to your hotel so they will be waiting for you upon arrival when you need them, saving you the time and energy of shopping, packing, and getting stopped by airport security for taking a container that is over the limit size for liquids. Prices are very reasonable, you will pay less than at the hotel sundry shop, and you will get the brands you prefer. If you are traveling in a group, place your order total $50 or more and they will ship for free.

It’s nice to know that you can get a suite deal even if you are staying in a hotel room.