My friend was driving to my house when she saw the elusive Kogi BBQ truck parked a few blocks away, so she called and said, “Come downstairs, the Kogi truck is here and there is almost no line!” After waiting for over an hour to get a taste of this hot commodity the last time the truck was nearby, I was not going to allow this opportunity to go to waste. We got to the line at 12:45pm and had our food by 1:15pm.

Since we wanted to try several items, we opted for a Korean BBQ Beef Burrito ($5).

When the burrito was cut open, it revealed this interior of sweet chunks of BBQ’d Korean beef with egg, some cheese and a little lettuce. The over all flavor was sweet and meaty. The fresh tortilla was nice and thin while strong enough it all without falling apart. This is definitely the item to order if you are hungry because I would have been perfectly satisfied with half of this as my lunch.

The sliders ($5) were my favorite of the three Korean BBQ Beef choices. There were the nice soft buns, the spicy kimchee dressed BBQ Beef, and a light mayo that combined for a perfectly spicy, tangy, salty balance to the richly BBQ’d beef chunks.

And lastly we ordered a Beef Tacos ($2) which was our least favorite choice simply because it had no ahhh factor after we had tasted the burrito and sliders. It was decent, but not remarkable.

If only I always had someone at their locations telling me if the lines were horrible, I would go again without hesitation. Maybe we can get a Kogi food line cam, just like the traffic cams for the freeways.

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