The concept of “Bigger is Better” may finally be waning with the demise of huge SUV’s and huge expenditures for ego satisfaction. People are finally taking into account that a small bit of quality fattening food might be a better value than a huge amount of worthless calories; would you rather have a small handmade cookie made with real butter or a bag full of chemically altered Styrofoam discs made with a sweetener that could become formaldehyde once ingested?

I have always loved small things, maybe it is because I am petite and small things are made more to “my size”, or maybe it is because quality does not usually come in gigantic packages. Platine means Platinum in French, and it is a fitting name for a bakery which creates works of art worthy of a jewelry box.

The space is very small, with showcase samples of all their cookies and a few other goodies from places like Little Flower Candy Company, but the space is small because you are literally in the entrance to the bakery. Everything is freshly handmade from the finest all natural ingredients in small batches. When I placed my order for an assortment of Platinos (home made Oreo Cookies) $2, Camees (home made sugar cookies with vanilla filling) $1.50, Cakelettes (miniature carrot coconut with cream cheese and Devil’s food with fudge) $1.50, and Snickerdoodles, my box was filled from the racks of cooling cookies directly behind the counter.

This is bakery is the passionate progeny of a baker who loves her art and is a master at it. Every cookie may look like they are too good to eat, but believe me, you will eat every bite. If you get addicted, they even have a cookie of the month club so you can get a fix on a regular basis even if you don’t live in the area; they will custom make your order for you if you order 5 days in advance and ship it to you via express or 2 day service so you get them immediately.

Platine is proof that precious things come in petite packages.