Media is a powerful tool and while many of us use our media sources for fun or amusement, there are some who are using the media clout they have to educate and feed people. Combining star power and chef power, the Hungry In America Project is hosting a charity event at Tom Colicchio’s Craft in Century City this Sunday.

For $250 a person or $1000 for a VIP ticket (both are completely tax deductible), you get to mingle with the celebrity hosts like Ben Affleck, Mario Batali, Lauren Bush, Jake Gyllenhaal, Nancy Silverton, and a plethora of others who have donated their time, work, and talents. The chefs will be serving up tastes of their dishes to attendees from 6-8pm (VIPs get to enter an hour earlier).

There is no sane reason why 1 in 4 children in the US are on the brink of hunger. Those of us who have refrigerators and pantries full of food are rich compared to many in our own country. Even if this particular event is too pricey for you to attend, you can donate any amount to the project here, or just load up some of your pantry goods and deliver them to your nearest food bank.

We are all richer when we share what we have with others who need it.