If you truly want to eat locally sourced food, Forage is putting its’ principals into practice while involving the community. Not only do they use proteins from sources like Niman Ranch, which does not ever use antibiotics or hormones in their livestock, but they are using what neighbors are growing in their backyards.

There are a few people here in Los Angeles who are lucky enough to have a yard with fruit trees, and my previous post on donating your excess produce to Food Forward may be a way for you to help feed local food banks, while keeping rotting over ripe fruit from ruining your yard.

But for those who don’t have 6-8 bags of produce to donate to Food Forward, but still have more than you can eat or give away, you might want to go to Forage restaurant’s Harvest Call on Sunday from 3-5pm where they will taste and perhaps take your home grown local produce. They will not take anything that has been heavily fertilized or industrially sprayed, and there is no payment, but if they decide to take your harvest, you will see it on the menu with credit given to you.

At Forage, your name could literally be your entree!