During my airfare shopping for International flights, British Airways had consistently low fares with easy itinerary planning; you may choose flexible dates to see the best prices, or you may chose a specific date for travel. I liked the ease of booking through them and I’m sure other seasoned travelers appreciate their service and prices as well, so their free companion ticket promotion makes flying with British Airways even more enticing.

Register with ba.com/companion and book a flight before February 26, for travel by March 31, 2010, and you’ll receive a complimentary companion ticket, which can be used with your next purchased ticket. You and your companion can travel in any cabin, to any of the over 300 destinations British Airways flies worldwide. Book your ticket and your companion ticket before July 30, and travel through December 15, 2010, with all travel completed by December 31, 2010.

There’s no limit to the number of tickets you can earn, so the possibilities really are endless. There is personal in-flight entertainment and complimentary bar service in every cabin. These days when many American airlines are charging for baggage, food and drinks, it is nice to still find a major carrier who still offers complimentary niceties.

The British really do seem to be more civilized.