If you drink for relief from your stress, you can help relieve some of the stress Haitians are feeling by doing your drinking at Fig. Starting tomorrow and through Saturday, all the proceeds from wine sales at Fig in Santa Monica will go to Share Our Strength whose largest grant recipient for the last 20 years has been Haiti.

If you want some free food with your drinks, go to Blackboard Eats and sign up for their special today at La Cachette Bistro. It gives you a free plate of appetizer for every drink you order and pay for. All you need to do is get your free pass code before Jan 22, 2010 and use it before February 20, 2010.

If you want some wonderful tastes of Grands Crus Bordeaux for a bargain, you can get 100 of them for only $49 thanks to Wally’s Union des Grand Crus Bordeaux next Wednesday at the Annex in Hollywood. This is a deal for anyone who has ever bought a bottle of these wines which usually start at $60 a bottle.