With so many people around the world wanting to help Haitians through the aftermath of the devastating Earthquake, it is heartening to know you can help by eating at a renowned local Haitian restaurant. Go to TiGeorges in Silver Lake today and the proceeds from food sales will go towards relief organizations (who will also be at the restaurant).

If you don’t know what traditional Haitian food is, this is also an opportunity to expand your palate with dishes like Goat Meat and Conch, all without expending too much of your wallet since the most expensive item on the menu is under $17. If you prefer to stay with foods you know, they are famous for their rotisserie chicken, rice, beans, salads, and plantains. They even have a vegetarian dish and pasta for people with those dietary preferences. If you are only a little bit adventurous, just order the Haitian soda or take home some organic Haitian coffee and you can say you tasted something authentically Haitian.

With all the money you save on your meal, donate some to the relief organizations who will be at the restaurant today. All of us who live here in earthquake country appreciate escaping a big rumble; let’s share our luck and wealth of resources with our neighbors.