If you are stumped trying to find a gift for a frequent traveler who is picky, stylish, and practical, today I’ve got two solutions for you if you have some $$$$ to spend. These travel accessories are the traveler versions of a pair of Manolo Blahniks or an Armani suit. The artistry and quality of the products account for the pricetag, so even if you can’t afford to buy, it is worth looking just to be inspired by the beautiful designs.

If you have ever had your wallet lost or stolen (who hasn’t?), then you will appreciate the concept behind the iWallet ($300-600) which uses the biometric data of your fingerprint to secure your money and credit cards. The engineers who designed this worked with NASA, so this is truly state of the art technology. Not only will a thief be unable to access your money, but your ID’s will be secure, and if your kids or spouse “borrow” your cash, the iWallet will stop them from using your wallet as their ATM. Next year they will be adding GPS to it so you can locate your wallet; I know some people who need the wallet more for the GPS than for the security feature.

If you are familiar with the German luggage brand Rimowa($400-900), you have probably traveled quite a bit because their first flagship store in the Continental US will open tomorrow in Beverly Hills. If you have watched the sleek Titanium travel cases in movies with envy, now you know where to buy one. You can buy their products through luggage dealers and online, but it is worth a visit to their store to see the displays and arrays of German engineering in beautiful practical Titanium cases that will deliver your bottle of Elit to your destination only slightly shaken.

They say it is better to give than receive, but I say it’s better to give AND receive, so buy yourself one of whatever you give away to truly have a happy holiday.