La Cachette Bistro has many qualities, the best of which is that they actually make real French food with fresh local and organic meats and vegetables. Of the fours dishes we tried, three were hits and only one was a miss, so the execution of the menu is definitely good, with some room for improvement.

Their location by the ocean with a secluded tranquil patio and an inviting indoor seating area, makes this a nice choice for either business or romantic affairs. Service was good when we were seated and ordered, but once our food was delivered to the table, we could not find a server or bus person to ask for our check; even with a change of shift, someone should always be within sight if there are customers still eating their meals.

The house salad was dressed in a lemony mustard vinaigrette that was very basic but also very good for a simple accompaniment to any entree.

The beet tower was a construction of both beauty and bountiful flavor made with roasted organic beets, avocados, feta, Heirloom tomatoes, and crispy goat cheese ravolini with cumin that were a surprisingly creative addition to this plate of perfection. It comes as either an appetizer (1 tower for $10) or entree (2 towers for $15).

The Cassoulet ($19) was full of the rich comforting flavors of duck confit, home made duck sausage, lamb shoulder, and pork shoulder. This is one of the better versions I have had in a restaurant, and it is perfect for a cold or overcast day (if there ever is one in Southern California) if you love French country soul food.

I could only finish half the Cassoulet, but I will be enjoying it tomorrow as I decide what my next meal will be at La Cachette Bistro (probably the organic beef tartare $14 appetizer or $18 entree). They have a lunch special prix fixe for only $15 that includes three courses with or without meat, and a happy hour from 5-7pm Monday through Fridays, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to eat good French food.

Bon Appetit!