Some of the best things I have ever tried have been free, from samples of perfumes, to amuse-bouches (literally fun mouth = samples of food) that make me want more; people say that drug dealers always give away the first sample and you end up paying for the rest of your life. If that is true then free WiFi in airports will get us all hooked and we will never again go on a flight without paying for access to get online before we get on the plane.

Google is giving away free WiFi at 47 airports and on Virgin America flights until January 15, 2010, and they are giving even more by matching donations to any of three charities which appear on the browser page that you log into during this period.

Ebay is giving away free Wifi during Thanksgiving week on some Delta flights, and Yahoo is giving away free WiFi in Times Square (for an undetermined period of time).

It seems the common denominator in all the free WiFi is that you must fly somewhere this holiday season, so where are you going?