For anyone who is up late (like me) and always looking for a place that serves either food or drinks or both past 9 pm, you might want to stop by Jones Hollywood today to celebrate their 15th anniversary. They are rolling back prices today from noon (now) until 2 am on name brand cocktails for $5; these are not well drinks, they are the names you know and drink like Jack Daniels whiskey, Finlandia vodka, and Herradura tequila. Beers and wines are only $2-4, and if you want food to absorb some of your alcohol consumption, order one of their 15 menu items prices at $5 ; I would recommend the spaghetti & meatballs for the comfort food aspect, but some people really like their pizza (not me).

This is a very laid back hole in the wall kind of place, so come with some friends (designate a driver) in some comfy clothes and hang out for awhile as if you’re going to an old friend’s den to drink and reminisce about how things were in the “good old days” of 1994.