It’s so fitting that I chose to celebrate my birthday at Bazaar (see my earlier post), and now the restaurant is celebrating it’s one year birthday the entire month of November with an incredible menu of six courses and four glasses of wine for $100 per person. The courses are comprised of all the ones made famous by Celebrity Chef Jose Andres, like the liquefied mozzarella caprese, the Philly cheese steak, and the foie gras cotton candy. You can watch him make some of his unique dishes on this clip from the Craig Ferguson show.

If you haven’t already been to this eclectic hip space, it may be time to explore the only restaurant to get tough food critic Irene Virbila’s four star review in recent Los Angeles Times history. Keep in mind that only part of the immense lobby is the restaurant so you can explore the shopping section, the dessert section, get a tarot card reading, or get something from the raw bar.

If it is a crime to have two birthday parties, then I’ll be happy to serve my sentence; all I ask is that I be allowed to finish my meal first.