Just as the clever name suggests, N.Y. & C Pizza is one place that will allow of of us East Coast transplants to choose our version of “real” pizza. There has only been one pizza I have ever had in Los Angeles that tasted like the ones I love in NYC (where I was born); sadly it closed decades ago and I have not found anything close to it aside from Bravo Pizzeria in Santa Monica (the owners also have a restaurant in Brooklyn, so they know pizza & cannoli).

Of course my friends from Chicago argue that their thick crust version is “real” pizza and they lament for the lack of a pizza in Los Angeles like the ones in Chicago. It’s like arguing about baseball teams or Coke vs. Pepsi, everyone has their preference and you will not sway anyone from their choice.

Thankfully there is now a place for both sides to eat in the same place, although you may have to pick which side of the restaurant you want to be seen in because one side is decorated with all memorabilia New York, the other all Chicago. Choose wisely if you want to keep your friends…

1120 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica. Open until 4am.