Considering the glut of Maine lobsters on the East Coast and the price drop to wholesalers, retail consumers and restaurant patrons haven’t seen much of a price break (if any) out here on the West Coast. Prices are so low on the East coast that the price of hot dogs is actually MORE per pound than what the fishermen and women are getting for their catches. Sadly it is both ends of the spectrum which end up paying; many lobster companies are going out of business, and many consumers can no longer afford to “splurge” on a restaurant lobster meal. Some of that is finally changing as cities and restaurants take advantage of the lowest Maine lobster prices in many decades.

Several of the coastal cities, like Redondo Beach & San Pedro, already have an annual Lobsterfest, and a few restaurants, like Enterprise Fish Company, have a one pound $30 Maine Lobster dinner on Mondays, but starting tomorrow, Chimayo in Huntington Beach will have a daily Lobsterfest! For $29.99 you get a Maine lobster weighing in at 1.5 pounds, cooked any way you like it, whether your prefer yours steamed, grilled, roasted, or crispy.

If a whole lobster is too much much for you, or if the drive to Huntington Beach is too long for you, you can opt for the half lobster at the Beachcomber in Malibu for $14.95 on Tuesdays, which comes with a side of fries.

Now any day can be Lobster Day!