Last week My friend Cindy came into town for her birthday with her husband’s credit card, so to get the most for her money, we headed over to the consignment resale stores, Great Labels and The Address.

We started at The Address where I found a brand new gorgeous black Armani gown for $300 that still had the tags on showing a retail price of $1,680; a timeless designer classic for $300 is a great value. Other items ranged from about $50 for a Trina Turk top to Manolos for $200. They have a sale section in the back that offers even more savings of up to 50% off shoes, purses, and clothes. Cindy bought me a beautiful Christiana purse for $35 that I would not buy for myself. It’s nice surprise to get a present when it’s someone else’s birthday.

One block away, Great Labels has even more fabulous buys, especially in their back section where items are 75% off their already discounted prices. Cindy found all her birthday presents at Great Labels. Her husband’s birthday present to her that day were a pair of Dolce Gabbana heels with a multicolor floral print and ribbon ties that she got for $200, and a pair of Chanel classic black pumps she got for $100. She got both pairs at an even greater discount by asking if they could do any better on the prices. Depending on the length of time they had been in the store, they can sometimes give you an even better price than what is marked on the tag. The store carries some excellent Chanel suits and business type clothes, like cashmere Donna Karan twin sets for $50, but I loved their evening clothes like the embroidered and sequined bustier I found for $500 that still had a retail tag of $1,850 attached to it.

It’s a good thing Cindy asked if there was a spending limit on her birthday credit card only after we left the shop:)