Sometimes you just need to indulge your senses with pleasure to remind yourself that life is meant to be fun. Chocolate Box Cafe is a place where your taste buds will delight in decadent and delicate flavors from their unique buttermilk line (less fat, more vitamins), to pralines, truffles, marzipan, and their classic ganache with exotic flavors. If you are in the area you can stop in a for an Italian gelato, and if you’re not, you can order online. Besides offering artisanal chocolates, they are also one of the only places I have ever seen who offer customized designs for special occasions, so you can give your favorite chocoholic a personalized gift (also a great idea for weddings & corporate events).

Few things signal fun as much as the popping of a Champagne cork, except perhaps the taste of fine bubbly! What better way to enjoy a “chore” than to have a glass of complimentary champagne while you are getting a mani-pedi? Go to Polish on Thursday between 4-9 pm and if you are over 21, you get your aromatherapy organic based work with a nice happy hour treat. If you want to be practical, and you need waxing (men are welcome here too), you could ease your pain with some liquid comfort after your session; think of the champagne as pain relief “medicine”. Prices are very reasonable for the products they use (dead sea salts, organic soaks) ranging from $40-$75 for a mani-pedi combo.

I love all the concierges at the four and five star hotels I have worked with for the past decade; they are capable of amazing feats of service and have connections to get tables or tickets that mere mortals would never be able to procure. All that being said, not everyone is lucky enough to have personal relationships with people like these and may want some services that only a well connected concierge can provide. Blue Fish may be your personal answer if you are looking for something extraordinary and don’t know how to get what you want. The how is usually not as important as who you know, and with Blue Fish they know who to call on your behalf to get you that supersonic military jet flight from Russia, white water rafting in Nepal, or that submersible dive in the Atlantic to see the Titanic. As they say on their website, please don’t call them to walk your dog or if you want something conventional. Their club members must be referred by another client, but you can take advantage of some of their services by getting a Bluefish Card; which allows you preferred access to events and seating.

What is your pleasure?