Think you can’t afford a hotel room? Think again, because there are areas in the world where the dollar actually buys you more than you can dream of here in Los Angeles; you can literally get a room for the price of a couple of vente lattes.

Is it really possible to stay in a real hotel for under $20 a night? How about $9? The Shiva Guest House in Kathmandu, Nepal and the Venus Hotel in Luxor, Egypt are BOTH only $9 per night. And these are hotels that have 3.5-4 star ratings on Tripadvisor! Want something even LESS expensive? How about $6 per night at El Panchan in Palenque Mexico, near the ruins and beach. Ok, don’t expect the Four Seasons for these prices, but they are clean, have hot water, and are safe (which are priceless details).

For something more upscale, how about the Hotel Lion D’or in Buenos Aires, Argentina for $14 a night? Taxes, room service, and cable are included in this rate! For another “luxury” hotel that includes WiFi, an in house restaurant, and a gym with a view of the river, the Mandalay Inn in Siem Reap, Cambodia is only $13 a night.

If you don’t have a passport (why not?) and want to try to make some money while traveling, then Tod’s Motor Inn in Las Vegas is your hostel/motel mecca. At $17 a night, it is one of the most “expensive” choices, but if you get lucky in one of the casinos, you could find it to be the best value of all.