Eating outdoors has a whole new meaning when it is in the middle of a farm, winery, ranch, or sea cave, takes about 4 hours, and comes in five courses with wine pairings. Outstanding in the Field brings diners together (maximum of 150 guests per meal) in unique settings that bring the idea of farm to table to life. All this costs between $180-$220 per person and includes all gratuities. Upon arrival everyone is greeted with a glass of wine and a tour of the venue (usually a working farm or winery); discussions with the producers of the products used in the meal are encouraged through out the meal.

This kind of mobile kitchen and seating requires advance planning, so make your reservation (they have several dates still available in Los Angeles) if you want to experience truly unique dining under open skies. Please note that because of the nature of this communal meal, they do are not set up to accommodate vegans, people with food allergies, or small children; vegetarians are asked to inquire before reserving to see if the anticipated menu will fit their preferences. Non-drinkers and children get a modest ($10) discount.

Outstanding in the field proves that if you cook it, they will come.