The Marquis Los Cabos is one of those resorts that can boast about providing the double benefits of being both green and generous. Not only is this luxurious resort, with a 15,000 square foot holistic spa & fitness center, and three restaurants on site, offering discounts for a fourth or seventh night free, but it is conscious about energy use; they use candlelight instead of electricity at night! Their local economy consciousness extends to the uniforms being made in Mexico City, and since they opened in 2003, they have provided a free university (free includes all books as well as classes) to their employees. They give back 5% of their annual revenue to their employees in health and educational benefits. All this for about $240 a night.

If you would like to make your own green fuel with leftover waste at home, then check out the E-Fuel MicroFueler. All you do is feed it leftover beer, wine, or other waste like lawn clippings, dairy products, or rotten apples, and you can make your own ethanol for about $2 a gallon. The only by-product in the process is water. The fuel can also be used for a home generator, and with a $5,000 federal tax credit, Greenhouse estimates cost payback for a household is approximately 2 years.

As Kermit would say, “It’s good to be green.”