Even though I do not cook in a restaurant, I love using restaurant quality tools. Having lived with two professional chefs, I know that the tools of the trade can be very expensive, but they also last a lifetime. I own one piece of All-Clad cookware which I bought over 20 years ago and still use regularly today as one of my standard pans. I love the the heavy weight and the even heat distribution. I like having the ability to use it on both the stove top and the oven (just as professionals do), because versatility is important when investing in cookware.

Finding All-Clad pieces on sale is a rare, but for a limited time at Sur La Table, they have six pieces all under $100. If you can only afford one piece I would get the covered stainless steel pan for $89.95 (normally $180), if you are looking for a piece to add to your collection, the two burner nonstick grill pan would be my choice for $79.95 (normally $168). The least expensive piece is the round griddle pan for $49.95 (normally $105), but if you want to invest (and can still afford groceries afterwards), go for the full 9 piece set for $689.95.

Now with fabulous cookware, all you need is someone to cook; maybe you can entice a chef to come to you if you lay out some All-Clad pieces leading to your kitchen.