It’s called a Peapod, and I want one! At $12,500, it is not only cute and green, it is actually an affordable neighborhood vehicle to drive when you run your errands around town. It only cost 2 cents a mile to run and it has ZERO emissions! The seats have mesh backs like an office chair so they are light and comfrotable, conforming to your body as it moves when you drive. For the geeks, the amazing thing about this vehicle is that your iPod can be your ignition key and your navigation system! It’s made from 95% recycled and recyclable materials, like bamboo, so it was made as cleanly as it runs! After a 6-8 hour charge it can go 30 miles, and the batteries are maintenance free and run for about three years!

They will be shipping the first model in October with two other models due out soon. Can’t wait to be green in a Peapod!