Have you ever wondered what is the best way to get into a popular nightspot? These days the answer is to get bottle service (meaning you buy a full bottle of alcohol instead of individual drinks for your group). Bottle service usually gets you a preferred seat and service no matter where you go, but how do you get all those advantages without paying through the nose?

There’s now an online bottle service reservation site called Velvet Night Life which allow you to literally make an offer to 17 nightclubs in Los Angeles (future locations include Orange County, Las Vegas, and San Diego) to see which club will accept your bid; think of it as Priceline for nightclubs. The minimum suggested offer is $150 per bottle, but considering some of the choices are Champagnes like Cristal by Louis Roederer, that easily cost hundreds of dollars retail outside of a club, you could snag a great deal if you bid wisely.

After telling them how many in your party and what date you want, you choose the type of music you prefer and specify any particular clubs you want to include in your search. Once all your preferences are selected, you put in your email information and the clubs bid for your business. Once a club accepts your offer, you are treated as a VIP with no cover and no wait in line (that alone is worth buying a bottle). Club choices include Les Deux, The Highlands, Mood, Green Door, Halo, and H. Wood.

How nice to be sought by a club after instead of seeking to get into a club. Go out and party like it’s 2009!