The summer is almost over and one of my friends has moved near Lake Tahoe, so I have started looking for things to do on my upcoming visit there.

One sport that looks really fun and different is paddling the Lake on what looks like a surfboard (so you stand and paddle), or paddling around in a kayak; either way it is great exercise and very beautiful.

If you want to stay in a wood cabin along the Lake, head over to the Cottage Inn with rates starting at $158 including breakfast. If country cabins are not your style, then the big Harrah’s casino has beautiful rooms and suites all starting at about $90 if you sign up for their special newsletter (the rate is double that if you don’t sign up).

Red Hut is a great place to stop for a huge breakfast with a view of the Lake. Vegans and vegetarians (as well as anyone who likes good fresh food) will like Sprouts (they serve meat too). Evan’s American Cafe has consistently gotten the best reviews for both food and service for their French inspired menus and romantic dinner ambiance.

Looks like I’ll be busy on my trip north; I’ll write with more details after I come back!