If you want to be a jet setter for a month between September 8 and October 8, 2009, you can do it as much as you want to 50 cities on Jet Blue for only $599. The pass price includes all taxes and fees except for International travel and flights to Puerto Rico. Like all great deals, this offer is limited, so hurry and get your pass as soon as possible; this offer expires August 21 or whenever supplies run out.

The fine print is all pretty reasonable, including no name changes on the pass, membership into the True Blue program (you get 35 points for buying the pass), booking at least a three days in advance, only one city per day per flight, and at least three days advance notice for changes and cancellations of bookings. There is also a $100 penalty for no shows with any additional reservations canceled until the penalty is paid.

Where would you like to go? New Orleans? New York? Bermuda? Aruba? The wonderful part about having a pass for unlimited travel is that you don’t have to choose, you can go to ALL the places you want during the month.

Go somewhere just to see what it’s like, after all isn’t that the whole point of traveling?