The American Cancer Society’s Discovery Shops are always great places to find high quality resale clothes, but if you go this Friday and Saturday, everything in the stores will be 50% off! That means everything including the jewelry, men’s furnishings, and household knick knacks. I have found brand new (tags attached) Donna Karan suits for $50, so at 50% off that makes the suit $25. Yes, you read that correctly, there were only TWO digits in those prices.

With a new wardrobe to show off, you might want to do some traveling. If you have some time this summer, take advantage of C&H‘s fares from LAX to Asia. For $420 you can fly round trip to Manila, or for $520, go to Hong Kong. Fares are on sale from other destinations too, so if you have friends in New York or Miami, have them meet you for an exotic getaway before Labor Day.

Of course with all you will be saving, you may want to donate to a charity as an act of gratitude for all you have; generously sharing what you have with others who don’t have as much is just plain good karma.