There are some places in the world which are so remote that they are expensive to fly to and to stay in because getting services to a place so far removed from civilization costs money. BoraBora comes to mind as the atolls which make up the “island” include one that serves as the airport, meaning that to get to any of the other atolls there is a required boat trip (yes a boat trip from the airport to the main island and some other hotels located on other atolls).

Another remote island location that is equally famous and expensive is the Maldives. The lowest priced room at the Alila Villas Hadahaa costs $1,183 a night, but with so few people travelling these days, they are offering a rate of $790 a night, including all taxes & fees, with every other night free. If you do the math that works out to $395 a night or 65% off the rack rate. This rate is available from this August (the resort is due to open August 16th) through December.

To make you feel even better about spending your money here, they are an environmentally conscientious resort, where environmental protection and awareness are key (they preserve the natural vegetation to minimize the footprint of the resort’s 50 island and aqua villas).

If you are going to spend your green somewhere, spend it where they believe in preserving the green.