One day I would love to go to Cannes and see all the films that eventually make their way back to the US after winning prizes with an international audience, but until that happens, I will attend the film festivals here, like the one this week from August 6-8 in Malibu.

Yes, Malibu has an International Film Festival with films from France, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, and of course the USA. I looked over the descriptions and found several that sound good (my choices all revolve around food and France, of course, with titles like Last Meal and A Juicy Turkey). The good thing is that tickets start at only $15 for the screenings ($100 for a VIP pass to everything, including cutting in front of non VIPs), and for as little as $20 you can join in the parties that accompany the opening and closing screenings. Several of the films look noteworthy for their subject matter (like a surfing documentary titled Jesse’s Story about a C-6 quadriplegic who still surfs big waves).

If you go for the films, you may even see some stars since people in the industry love watching films in their own backyard too.