As everyone who knows me already knows, I do not have any pets, plants or kids. This lack of responsibility is better for all living creatures because I don’t want to kill any of them and in my care they would probably suffer from my lack of skill, knowledge, and/or attention, much to their detriment. However, many of my friends (in fact most of my friends) do have pets, plants, and kids, so today’s post is for everyone with a beloved pet.

Pet Airways is a new airline which just launched for animal lovers who can’t bear the thought of their beloved family in the cargo hold of a plane as they sit in comfort in a cabin. Although they mainly transport dogs and cats, they will also transport other pets. Instead of baggage handlers loading your pets, they are in the care of trained pet attendants. They are assured of fresh air and potty breaks before flying and upon landing and they are secured in pet carriers made for their size by the airline (no need to bring your own). You may even drop off your pet up to 72 hours before your flight to have them board him or her. If their flight is delayed for more than 15 minutes you will even get an email and phone call letting you know the flight status (and potty breaks will be given as soon as the flight lands).

What does all this cost? About the price of a coach ticket for a human; New York to LA is $299 each way, LA to Chicago $199. If you can afford to travel in style and want your pet to enjoy a similar level of comfort, this is a nice option if you don’t travel by private jet, and who does these days?