Happy Bastille Day!

Since I did not go out to eat at a French restaurant today, I decided to go shopping for something in the spirit of France and wound up at Forplay in Hollywood. Not only do they carry fun lingerie at prices that won’t break your piggy bank ($30-$60 for complete outfits), but they have great clubwear for a night out, costumes for Halloween (never too early to shop) or just to play a girl scout, nurse or pirate for fun, and shoes from stripper heights of 6 1/2″ to more modest 4″ mules. Forplay is a bit like Fredrick’s down the street, but with more imaginative choices and slightly better quality.

If you are in the mood to splurge on the real deal, head south to Melrose and go to Kiki De Montparnasse. They carry the truly fine French lingerie that also carries the truly high price tags of about $200 for a bra or panty. They also have some playful underwear for $65 that have French “instructions” on them teaching you what to say to your lover, like “Fesse-moi” (spank me). Unless you shop their sale, you won’t find much clothing here under $100. The store is fabulous, with fun gifts ranging from soaps and candles to toys and blindfolds, so you can be as wild or mild (they carry a book by Helmut Newton and DVDs like Roman Holiday) as you wish with your partner and your pleasures. This shop is better than an erotic museum with it’s scope and variety of art, styles, and tastes (literally, they carry chocolate sauces). The added benefit here is that you can buy and take home your favorite things!

Vive la difference! After all Bastille Day was all about freedom of choice:)