Some smart companies are combining old fashioned marketing with new social web applications to build their businesses, and when they offer great products or services, it is a win-win-win.

I learned about Corsets UK on Twitter because they are new to the social networking site and wanted to reward their new followers with a free corset. Although I don’t wear corsets everyday (who does?), I love how they look and for a special dress up occasion, I would happily tie one on (so to speak). They offer beautiful colors ranging from the sexy black and red to prim and virginal white, with a rainbow of colors in between, all in different styles; it’s hard to choose just one, and with their special promotion where you buy three but only pay for the two most expensive ones, you can indulge yourself. Prices range from £21-70 ($34-115 USD) and they offer steel boned regular size, waspies and full body styles, so you can order something that fits your waist (20″-38″) and your preference.

I also learned about Moonfruit on Twitter because they are giving away a MacBook a day for 10 days when their site is retweeted. I checked out what they offered since I had never heard of them before and I was so impressed by their FREE website builder that I built two! My website has been with Geocities for years, but Yahoo has announced that Geocities is shutting down at the end of this year. I was going to pay to move my site to a regular domain, so finding Moonfruit was fortuitous in many ways. Not only are there NO pop up ads or annoying banners, but the interface is smooth and easy to navigate on Macs (a problem with Geocities-I had to go to a PC to build or update anything). There are literally thousands of templates and customization options to choose from, and the whole thing is FREE. The only thing they ask is that you update your site at least once every six months (which you should do anyway). You can purchase additional bandwidth, mailboxes, and merchant services, but the basic service is all free.

Independence includes the ability to choose where you want to shop for goods and services, even if it means choosing the “old country”.