Bling is the perfect name for a store which specializes in accessories which sparkle; it’s even better when the store is having a sale on all the beautiful earrings and purses which capture the light and make you smile with delight.

Sterling silver black pearl earring are normally $145, but at 30% off they will cost about $100, a bargain for quality and beauty. My favorite piece in the store was the exquisite floral enamel and rhinestone studded clutch purse that retails for $895 normally, but with a 30% discount that brings the splurge down to $626; yes it is still an extravagance but it is a collector’s item that you will keep and hopefully pass on to someone who will also appreciate and use it for another lifetime.

For about another 24 hours (until June 25), take advantage of Southwest Airline‘s special fares starting at only $49 to places like Pheonix, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, go even further to Chicago or Orlando for only $129 each way. Aside from booking immediately, you can not fly on Friday or Sunday and you must book at least 14 days in advance; these are restrictions that are easy to live with for fares like these. Southwest is also great for not nickeling (or dollaring) people to death because they do NOT charge for a checked bag, so that saves you at least $20 off many of their competitor’s rates to the same destinations.

How about buying something fabulously beautiful and sparkly from Bling to wear on your next trip; maybe that beautiful cloisonné flower clutch could be your jewelry as you wear a classic little black dress to the Opera in San Francisco?