If you like t shirts like the one I bought for $10.99 made by Green T (pictured above made with sequins that don’t show in the photo), then run down to Jane Smith because they are closing their doors August 31, 2009. They have racks of clothes from $10.99 to $39.99 for brands like Free People, Shelli Segal’s Laundry, and BCBG Girls.

Whether you are looking for shoes (sale shoes start at $4.99 a pair!) or accessories like earrings, bracelets, belts, or scarves, this is the time to shop because they still have a good selection of styles and sizes in stock which will diminish with every day as they get closer to closing. I was even sidetracked at the counter by some lip glosses for under $5. If you are shopping for a present, they have quotable cards so you can pick out the perfect words to go with your gift. I didn’t find anything I wanted in the bins of clothes for $5 but if you are in the mood for a treasure hunt, go for it.