One way to save some money buying clothes is to sell or trade your old clothes at one of the many consignment stores around Los Angeles and use the proceeds to buy something else; it’s recycling for clothes and it makes economic sense if you are willing to go for a unique or vintage look.

Sometimes the finds include items that are hard to find in regular retail stores, like 3 ply cashmere sweaters, or t shirts of bands that no longer exist and are now nostalgic memorabilia. Part of the fun is the hunt for treasures, and like a hunt for gold, you never know when you will strike the mother lode or come back exhausted with nothing to show for your efforts .

Gotta Have It is a good place to hunt for funky, Boho, trashy, retro goodies. They have 50’s style dresses in good condition and hip blinged out t shirts going for $20, and I even found a pair of nice Italian high end leather stilettos for $32. If you are looking for brand names, go somewhere else (like the Discovery Shop or the Address); I’m not saying that you can’t find high end brands here, but the beachy Venice style of the store sets the tone for the wares, so don’t expect to find much Armani here.

It’s a great place to pick up a fun outfit for a party, to try on a new style, or to dress up a pair of jeans or dress with some fun accessories. Gotta Have It may have something you want to take home; if not, you just gotta go again until you do find something.