#1 The famously delicious restaurant Campanile turns 20 years old next week, and like all youngsters, that means it’s time for a party! From June 15-20, they will have special menus, guest chefs, and deals like Thursday’s 20 bottles of wine for $20 each. Personally, I plan to go Saturday for the 4pm pig roast, after all, how often do you get to eat roast pig in Los Angeles?

#2 Sadly, Dolce is closing at the end of this month as they look for a new space to relocate, but there is a silver lining to the bad news; they are having a 50% off “sale” on ALL their food until the doors close, so go enjoy the scene at the bar with some bites to absorb all that alcohol.

#3 If you know someone in France, ask them to go to the post office for some chocolate stamps. Yes, real stamps that look exactly like pieces of chocolate; but of course because this is a French stamp, they also SMELL like chocolate. You may want to lick them, but just don’t eat them!