Since I can not grill where I live (fire ordinances), I look forward to going to the homes of friends who throw BBQ’s, but sometimes it is nice to have someone else do the grilling, especially since that means they will be cleaning the grill afterwards.

Outdoor Grill is conveniently located right next to a carwash, so the smell of grilling meat floats across the cars, beckoning the carwash customers to have lunch at one of the tables on the patio. I’ve driven past this place dozens of times and heard from several people that it was worth a stop, so today I finally tasted their BBQ for myself.

I ordered the chicken and pork ribs combo so I could sample at least two of their menu items. Although the smoky flavor of the grill came through, there really wasn’t any other seasoning on the chicken, so it really needed the spicy sweet sauce that came on the side. It was juicy and tender, so high marks for getting unmarinated grilled chicken off the grill without drying it out. The pork ribs were baby backs ($10.95), and although they were tender with a nice outer crust, they were also a bit dry and unseasoned. I guess the philosophy of the grill is to grill with as little seasoning as possible so that the flavor of the meat comes through, but I feel seasonings enhance good quality meats if done properly.

They offer salads, grilled catfish, and salmon dishes too. It’s refreshing to have lighter dishes offered, and although I did not try them, I would guess they follow in the less seasoned school of grilling.

All in all, I’m glad I stopped by and if I am getting my car washed, I would much rather eat here than a fast food place; at least the place doesn’t use microwaves and prefabricated mystery meat. If you like your meat seasoned, be sure you ask for extra sauce or use some of the array of hot sauces found on the condiment counter. A safe bet would be to go for a grilled burger; at least you could add all the condiments yourself and know that it would be better than any fast food burger.