Some deals are so good that they are only available for those who are able and willing to take advantage of them immediately; Quickbook has a hotel sale going on that expires tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm EST.

A sample of the deals include hotels in NYC like the GEM in Soho for $161 or the Paramount in Times Square for $116, reflecting a 30% discount on both properties. For something closer to home, the Hotel Nikko in SF is only $129 (30% off) and the luxurious Campton Place is only $200 (20% off). For a drivable vacation, try The Westin Mission Hills for $159 in Palm Springs or the Hard Rock in Las Vegas for $59. If you want a place for guests coming into Los Angeles (or if you want to be a tourist at home), Quikbook has rooms at the Crescent in Beverly Hills for $147 (30% off).

If you want one of these deals, book your room now. Sometimes good things come to those who wait, but other times good opportunities disappear quickly after they first appear.